‘Back to regularly scheduled’ devlog #6

Each origins of each story are unique, but one thing is common to all;  they never happen in silence. Song sings true at the start of all things, regardless their nature and intent. At Spaghetti Games they swear you could here chiptune.


Hey everyone, hope your all recovering from a spooky Halloween celebration. We’re certainly trying here at spaghetti games. Thankfully our wonderful sound designer is hard at work composing some of the calmest, most soothing tunes we’ve heard. After playing SOMA last night I’ve been listening to them on repeat. Last week we promised we’d give you all a taste of what he’s been working on, so here’s a little taste!

Forest Theme

Zen Garden Theme

Coral Reef Theme


Our goal with the sound design is for the music to mirror the growing terrariums, layer by layer from an empty glass container to a living breathing ecosystem. These tracks are some of the experiments we’ve been trying out. We hope you enjoyed them.


In other news, we’re finally a registered company! *Air Horns* We did it! We walked into the chamber of commerce with some paperwork and walked out a company an hour later! Of course I’m missing a few steps, but pretty much how that happened. It’s an exciting milestone for us, and we’re looking forward to many more!


So that’s all for today. We’d love to hear your feedback on the songs, so leave a comment or send us a line on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

See you nerds next week!



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