Mini Devlog #7

Spaghetti’s toil long

Suffer both or neither full

Life betwix two walls


A good day to everyone once again, it’s been a while since we last met but fear not I never forgot you all. Life at Spaghetti Games has been rather busy as of late but unfortunately not because of the game. Balancing university and production has its ups, but generally a lack of time is a major down. So today I have instead a short summary list of the going on’s:

  • A memory leak related to object spawning was found and plugged.
  • Terrain creation and editing continues its slow but unstoppable pace.
  • Audio tracks have been mastered and sfx’s crunch, sparkle, popped into existence.
  • This devlog written, edited and rewritten.
  • Artists have begun work modeling the models we’ll need for our forest Biomes.

Old logs, new logs, green logs dead logs



Hopefully next week I’ll have a lot more to tell you, but for now that’s about all for this devlog. Have a great week, and as always come tell us your favorite food is spaghetti on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!


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