Dev: 12 logs under the tree

In floating length, lie upon the digital sea
here to there, there to here connected.
the powers that are agree
fall! they shall to specks,
So plain in view to see.
Three dimensions is one too many.
- a poem about vertices

Good news everyone! The asset pack got published! Wohooooooo!

thanks but what did you think of my poem?

Not too long after we made our third application actually. So there really is something to this third times the charm deal after all. We’ve got a nice big page on the unity store, and we can say that we’re officially a publisher! It a huge deal for us right now, but and hopefully it’ll be precedence for other applications.

In other news, our artists have been working on something really cool to replace our old website banner. We wanted a concept that we thought would communicate the fun but messy business of making a terrarium, but with the clean beauty a well crafted terrarium.

Here are a few sketches drafted on that idea. All very nice, but there was a clear winner.

a nice line art rendition of the chosen concept

To make sure that it would fit the dimensions of all the social media sites (each one having its own requirements and all that) A very large 3280×1248 or about 4x the Facebook banner dimensions of 820×312. With some technical wizardry it’ll give us some crisp images that’ll look good even on a retina display. Which would be really nice for anyone with one.

The next step was to block out colors in photoshop, with lost of darker colors.

Then a full rendering of the colors and shapes in illustrator. After that it was a matter of finding the right font to use, and we tried a lot of different fonts.

Then some final touches here and there with some post processing. Which gives us this final version: Behold!

We’ll upload the new banner to our various socials, which you should definitely check so you can tell our artists what you think of the banner! We’re still on Twitter, Instagram and of course Facebook. Check in next week, i’ll be talking about project management tools. It a lot of fun, trust me 🙂

Dlgevo 11: some assembly requredi

Lo, praise of prowess of peoples-developers
of long-penciled artists, in days short slow
in midnight flows golden drink,
for speaketh the dev late in his hour
forsake me! You bugs, heir of death
stand not still, stay not silent.
Hear the song loud, a choir sings
spaghetti brought laying gold alike
to victory.
A forest fit for fairy tales

They always say that ‘third times the charm’, which I assume means that the third attempt at any endeavor has increased chances to succeed. Well, we are sending in our low-poly Fantasy forest pack in for review a third time. That probably means it’ll go through and get published. We’re certainly putting our best into this attempt, having tweaked almost everything we could think of! Look out for our pack on the unity asset store over the next week, you might actually find it there

A few other things going on in the studio this week. We working on a new banner for socials, it’ll be great trust me. Oh and a few gameplay gifs for our website. Here’s a peak for those reading this!

As you can tell, we’re almost figured out with spawning and manipulating plants and decoration. Our next steps are setting up saving and loading function from the main menu and Challenges! You’ll hear a lot more about them if you stick around.

So please, stick around for next weeks devlog. It’ll be great, trust me. But as always you can meme at us on all the social medias; Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Devlog 10: A new year, a new devlog.

Pauza”  Ancient wisdom borne from the pantheon. Never would a undertaking go long absent one. As gods knew that unfettered toil would sap their caring creativity, only broken creations would only spill forth from their epic forges. It is prophesied such a Pauza would happen when the sun set lowest on the horizon and last 2 fortnights. When the sun returned so too would the gods return to the forges of creation.

“Pauza”. It means pause in an ancient tongue.

HAPPY NEW YEARS! A little late for most of us, and a little early for a few of us. Spaghetti Games is back from our extended holiday, and exams with renewed vigor and hunger for terrariums! We’ve got lots of plans for the coming months with something big slated for the end of march. So you’ll really want to stay tuned from now on.

  • A bulleted list for our plans in the next month!
    • Publish that asset pack! Again!
    • Alpha Build!
    • A new banner for the website and other less superior sites.
    • Some more social media stuff!
    • Something big at the end of march!
Alpha build on the horizon :0

So! First things first, Asset packs are hard to publish. There’s multiple pages of things that must go perfectly to be accepted. The most important of which are the key images, those images that people will see first when they are looking through the asset store. They are a finicky bunch and have some very strange aspect ratio and dimension requirements. A pixel off and it doesn’t count! Be rest assured though, the review team is real thorough about letting you know what needs fixing to be up to standard, making it fairly easy on publishers to make the necessary fixes.

A rejected key image: notice the edges on the trees.

We’re also almost ready for Alpha build! That means we can start testing the game outside the team and really get this puppy on the road. A few features are still waiting to make it in, and if you come back next week. We might just give you a sneak peak into it’s development 😉

So thanks for checking out this devlog! It’s good to be back, and devlogs will be returning to regular weekly schedule. As always let us know what you think on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

D_ _ Bl _ g 9: Give me an A.

Creation stories are never simple or straightforward. They are often knotted with complex characters, chaotic events and changes or embellishments passed down between generations. It doesn’t help that the gods sometimes forget to write anything down.

Busy Busy Busy! Things are real busy here at Spaghetti Games as we get things ready for the release of our first asset pack which were calling (insert name). It’s lovingly handcrafted by our artists with 57 cool fantasy forest assets, and comes with 7 texture maps for different settings. Optimized for PC and mobile platforms. It’s a great package of assets, but don’t take my word for it you can see for yourself.

Packaging asset packs is tough work though and there are a lot more steps than you would expect. It’s almost done however and should be live early next week. We’ll be sharing some post publishing details of how things worked out and helpful tips to keep things sane the next time we do this. It might even come in handy for you. You never know!

As always you can find us on the social media’s, and Spaghetti games hopes you never drop your spaghetti.

Devlog 8: Devlogs

The most ancient of pantheon secrets, not so for ill-intent or secrecy’s sake is purpose given anew. Lo, the earth wrest from oblivion is not the pantheons own making entirely. An oracle would be blind to ignore that which was born from worlds known to them. For innumerable worlds are crafted by the pantheon, to re-purpose that already used is logical. Sanity is scarce a commodity for the pantheon.

Hey everyone! I hope you enjoyed this weeks cryptic creation myth story. I wonder if you all actually enjoy it or if they just confuse everyone. Do please let me know on social media! Anyway, today I’ve got an announcement actually, we are currently in works developing an asset pack for Unity! Asset pack? Not just any asset pack, a Low-Poly Fantasy Forest pack of assets!

Pine Tree’s!

If you don’t know what an Asset pack is it’s quite simple. It’s a package of tools or game objects someone could use to populate their game or prototype with art close to what they would want in the final game. It really helps with rapid prototyping, and making B games like infamous ‘Getting over it with Bennet Foddy’. Unity has a great big store where everything from sewer rat models to teapot textures are available. Cool right? It’s going to be full of beautiful tree’s, logs and glowing crystals. All essential bits of a classic fantasy forest. In fact if you’ve been following the devlogs so far you may have caught a peek at some of them from last week. Progress has been good, and if all goes well we expect to be able to publish it by next week!

You’ll definitely hear more about it from us moving up to that, especially about the submission guidelines, what a nightmare! Until give us a shout on the socials ; Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Let us know what you’d expect to find in a magic forest, a hybrid squirrel rabbit, maybe a old broomstick?

If you’re curious to see some of the models being made for the pack you can find pictures here.

Mini Devlog #7

Spaghetti’s toil long

Suffer both or neither full

Life betwix two walls


A good day to everyone once again, it’s been a while since we last met but fear not I never forgot you all. Life at Spaghetti Games has been rather busy as of late but unfortunately not because of the game. Balancing university and production has its ups, but generally a lack of time is a major down. So today I have instead a short summary list of the going on’s:

  • A memory leak related to object spawning was found and plugged.
  • Terrain creation and editing continues its slow but unstoppable pace.
  • Audio tracks have been mastered and sfx’s crunch, sparkle, popped into existence.
  • This devlog written, edited and rewritten.
  • Artists have begun work modeling the models we’ll need for our forest Biomes.

Old logs, new logs, green logs dead logs



Hopefully next week I’ll have a lot more to tell you, but for now that’s about all for this devlog. Have a great week, and as always come tell us your favorite food is spaghetti on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!


‘Back to regularly scheduled’ devlog #6

Each origins of each story are unique, but one thing is common to all;  they never happen in silence. Song sings true at the start of all things, regardless their nature and intent. At Spaghetti Games they swear you could here chiptune.


Hey everyone, hope your all recovering from a spooky Halloween celebration. We’re certainly trying here at spaghetti games. Thankfully our wonderful sound designer is hard at work composing some of the calmest, most soothing tunes we’ve heard. After playing SOMA last night I’ve been listening to them on repeat. Last week we promised we’d give you all a taste of what he’s been working on, so here’s a little taste!

Forest Theme

Zen Garden Theme

Coral Reef Theme


Our goal with the sound design is for the music to mirror the growing terrariums, layer by layer from an empty glass container to a living breathing ecosystem. These tracks are some of the experiments we’ve been trying out. We hope you enjoyed them.


In other news, we’re finally a registered company! *Air Horns* We did it! We walked into the chamber of commerce with some paperwork and walked out a company an hour later! Of course I’m missing a few steps, but pretty much how that happened. It’s an exciting milestone for us, and we’re looking forward to many more!


So that’s all for today. We’d love to hear your feedback on the songs, so leave a comment or send us a line on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

See you nerds next week!